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As an unregulated industry you may find that many chimney sweeps in your local area are in business with no training whatsoever - they may be unaware of the dangers involved, the advice they need to give you to keep you safe, and are potentially ill-equipped to identify problems that arise.

This is not the case with us, all of our team are fully trained and certified - they have passed a nationally recognised assessment that requires them to show an understanding of chimney cleaning, the dangers of soot, how to spot problems, building regulations, and much more. They have also passed a practical exam that involves cleaning several chimneys in real life situations, illustrating that they can not only clean the chimney properly but do so without leaving a mess in your home – enabling us to not only provide you with an expert service but any advice that you might need for the future upkeep of your chimney.

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In the extremely unlikely event that something goes wrong you are always protected by choosing our chimney sweep services. Unfortunately, because of the lack of regulations, it’s not uncommon for chimney sweeps to have either inadequate insurance or none at all - we hear too many stories about people being left to pay for damage done by uninsured chimney sweeps. By choosing us you are guaranteed a safe service, all of our sweepers are required to provide us with copies of their insurance policies before coming on board and working for us.

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Receiving extra support and up to date industry know how through an associated technical line, if an unusual situation arises during your clean our certified chimney sweep will have the resources needed to investigate and discuss the problem with you - giving you the very best support and advice available.

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Something to be aware of is, if you use a sweep who issues their own certificate it will unfortunately be rejected by insurance companies. Our industry standard sweeping certificates are widely recognised and accepted by all insurance companies.

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Founded by Bil Wight in 1980, we at Ablewight Chimney Services have been providing local homes and businesses in Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Essex and Suffolk with local certified chimney sweep services for many years. In Bil’s 35 years in the chimney sweeps industry he has been:

  • Chairman of the National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS)
  • Founder of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps
  • An author of the City & Guilds Qualification for Chimney Sweeping
  • British Representative in the European Federation of Chimney Sweeps (ESCHFOE)
  • You might say he is the “Master” of chimney sweeping!

Bil insists upon quality and has an appetite for continuous learning. He is dedicated to developing his team and he’s tireless in his determination to be better than the competition. These three principles are at the very core of our company and allow us to provide you with a local reliable professional service.

You may be unaware that the chimney sweeping industry is currently unregulated, which makes it hard for chimney owners like yourself to find local, trustworthy providers. The problem is, unless you are an expert in the industry, how do you know the right questions to ask. After all, as our founder Bil Wight says “To obtain the right answer, you need to ask the right question!”

Accidentally choosing the wrong chimney sweep can be frustrating at best and downright dangerous at worst. By scouring the country for chimney sweeps making sure they meet our exacting standards, have the correct documentation, the best possible training and a can-do-attitude, we at Ablewight Chimney Services eliminate the stress and concerns traditionally associated.

As the founder of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, when choosing our services, you are guaranteed local certified chimney sweeps who; are certified and trained, have up to date insurances, are associated with industry bodies and can issue insurance valid certification. See full details above.

For more information about our local and certified chimney sweep services or to book your next clean, contact us on 01223 964305.

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